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Gems Ceylon

Life with Gemstones

Who We ARE?

We are one of the gemstones trader which is registered under the National Gem & Jewellery Authority in Sri Lanka. We give you the finest precious quality natural cut & polished Ceylon gemstones with the certificate of the National Gem & Jewellery Authority and a guaranteed trust-able delivery service in world wide.   

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Our Services

Gemstone Trading

The gem trade is based on Trust and Quality. We focus primarily on how to build trust among our customers. Mainly we are trading.....
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Custom Requirements

As an additional free service, we are associated with the Sri Lanka Gem Market to meet your unique gem needs. For example, if you want.....
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Cutting & Polishing

Gemstone Cutting and polishing are the important parts of adding value to the gems. The price also depends on the shape of the cut. We are working.....
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