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About Us

We are Tapro Gems...

We are Tapro Gems, a gemstone trading company based in Sri Lanka & we expose the beauty of the Ceylon natural gemstones to the whole world. Since the end of the 20th century, we have been providing our services locally, and now we are open to the whole world! As all know the sapphire kingdom of the world is, Sri Lanka which is known as Ceylon in the 19th & 20th centuries.

We are directly providing you the finest quality natural gemstones from the mines in Sri Lanka. All gems that we provide, are neatly cut and polished by talented and experienced professionals in Sri Lanka. Mainly we are trading the precious Ceylon natural blue sapphires.

We can assure you will get the best prices & best customer service with us. Our office & working premises are located near Ratnapura, the world-famous city of gems in Sri Lanka.


Gemstone Trading

The gem trade is based on Trust and Quality. We focus primarily on how to build trust among our customers. Mainly we are trading beautiful natural sapphires that are found in local gem mines. A legal detailed certificate is provided by National Gem & Jewellery Authority for all our gems.

If you wish to do it using the private sector, we can arrange a trustful & verified gemmological laboratory to get the reports. Here we have introduced simple steps to follow for buying gems from us, 

When you have selected a gemstone

Step 1
Contact Us

Contacts us via contact form, email, WhatsApp, or a phone call. Clearly send the product ID with the message.

Step 2
More Details

We will contact you and give you a chance to get more additional details of the particular gem/gems

Step 3

The order will be shipped once the funds are cleared in our account.

Fulfil your custom gem requirements

As an additional free service, we are associated with the Sri Lankan Gem Market to meet your unique gem needs. For example, if you want to buy two natural pear shaped blue sapphires for your pair of earrings. For that case, the sapphires should be the same looking. It's a little hard to find, but we'd love to find it for you until it meets your needs.

Custom Requirements

A pair of princess cut yellow sapphire. The raw sapphire of this pair is shown on the left.

Finding your dream gemstone.

Rare colors, Custom shapes & Rare carat weights, etc..

All you need to do, send a small detailed message to us. We will find it for you!

Cutting & Polishing

Gem cutting and polishing

Gemstone Cutting and polishing are important parts of adding value to gems. The price also depends on the shape of the cut. We are working with talented & experienced professionals in the relevant fields.

Ratnapura is a world-famous city for gemstones. The professionals in Ratnapura are highly qualified and have been doing that work for the last centuries. We can clearly say that the final finish of our gemstones the best & world-class.

-Choose Us-

World best sapphire

Sri Lanka is one of the best sapphire providing countries for the last two centuries. Do you know there are nearly 200 categories of gemstones in the world? Among those, 70 types have been found in Sri Lanka! Also, the largest sapphire(Star of Adam) ever found in the world is from Sri Lanka. In the geographical specialists' opinion, there are only 20-30% of gems have been found in Sri Lanka and there is a huge potential to find more precious and large loose stones in Sri Lankan lands.
And we are based in Sri Lanka and providing the finest quality natural loose stones that are directly found on local mines with trust & guarantee.

Certified Company

As a company, we have registered under two departments of the Sri Lankan government. National Gem and Jewellery Authority is the main authority that controls the whole legal background of the gem industry in Sri Lanka. Also, it provides trustful and legal certificates for every single gemstone that we provide.
As a responsible exporting company, we have registered under Sri Lanka Exporting Development Board. We are proud to say that we have a solid legal background.

Best Prices

We give you the best and fair price for pure natural precious gemstones. We guarantee that you will find the best prices for Ceylon Sapphires as no additional intermediate cost is added. Before you purchase, please feel free to contact us. That will make you comfortable and build trust among us.

Insured delivery service

Worry about the delivery? We are using an insured delivery way to send the purchased gemstones to your hand. For that, we are working with FedEx & EMS for the deliveries. If you suggest another, we are willing to arrange it as you wish. We will contact you before the shipment.

Best professionals

Gems are gorgeous. There is a specific process for making a raw gemstone into a gorgeous gem. Gemstone cutting & polishing is a traditional art that is developing from generation to generation.  And we are working with the best gem cutting and polishing hereditary specialists in Sri Lanka.